Late Menstruation, Nausea, Strange Sensations When Seeing Something After Taking Birth Control Pills?

Illustration of Late Menstruation, Nausea, Strange Sensations When Seeing Something After Taking Birth Control Pills?
Illustration: Late Menstruation, Nausea, Strange Sensations When Seeing Something After Taking Birth Control Pills?

I am Yani .. I often have intercourse with my husband, to avoid pregnancy I often take birth control pills one hour before intercourse .. I have sex for 2 weeks which means 2 birth control pills I took .. But in my last relationship I didn’t have time I took the KB pill first, my condition was at that time when the menstruation was finished, and my husband took out inside. Bendapun feels weird, it’s been 6 weeks until now I haven’t come yet, usually 2 weeks I have a period … Am I positive if I’m pregnant or just the effect of my pills? r n r nOh yeah I take the pills duration of 1 year 3x drink, because I am afraid of getting pregnant in my busy life, so I drink 2 weeks skali … r n r nThank you

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Birth control pills are useful in preventing pregnancy if consumed the right way, which is consumed regularly every day at the same hour without interruption. Consumption of birth control pills only occasionally as you can cause the effectiveness of birth control pills so that he is no longer able to prevent pregnancy if you and your partner have sexual intercourse with ejaculation in the vagina. One more thing that needs to be underlined, if fertilization has already occurred, the consumption of birth control pills can not necessarily abort the results of fertilization that is already formed.

Late menstruation, nausea, strange sensations when you see something can indicate pregnancy. It could also, this complaint arises due to hormonal changes before menstruation, ovarian cysts, hormonal balance disorders, migraine, dyspepsia (increased stomach acid), glaukoama (increased pressure in the eyeball), and so on.

Ascertain if there is any relation between your complaints and pregnancy, you can do using a testpack. If it is true that you are pregnant, of course the results of the testpack will show positive pregnancy. Or, you can also check yourself to a doctor or obstetrician to have a more objective examination, for example blood tests, ultrasound, and so on.

Pregnancy planning for married couples needs to be done with careful thought, coupled with qualified knowledge. In the medical realm, various types of contraceptive methods are now available that you can make choices in the prevention of pregnancy. Consult with your doctor directly to choose the most appropriate type of contraception, and use the contraception according to the rules of use so that contraception can effectively protect you from pregnancy. However, if in reality you are already pregnant, then as a responsible adult, you should treat your pregnancy until it is large and born properly.

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