Late (second) Emergency Pill?

Illustration of Late (second) Emergency Pill?
Illustration: Late (second) Emergency Pill?

At night, some time ago I had sex with my partner, but he was in a fertile state, then in short we bought “emergency pills” in which there were 2 pills, 1 taken before 72 hours after intercourse then the second was taken after 12 hours, but when taking the pills the two of my partners were late for 1 hour.

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Emergency contraceptive pills containing 2 Levonorgestrel pills can be taken separately (the first pill immediately after intercourse and the second pill 12 hours thereafter) or together (2 pills at once). The effectiveness of the two methods of taking the pill is the same. If your partner drinks separately, then the distance of taking the second pill up to 24 hours can still be tolerated and its effectiveness remains the same. The thing that more influences the effectiveness of this contraception is when your partner starts to drink it. The effectiveness is much higher if taken immediately after sexual intercourse and will decrease if taken near 72 hours.

If indeed you and your partner do not want a pregnancy, you should avoid sexual intercourse or use a condom. One of the advantages of condoms in addition to being able to prevent pregnancy is to prevent transmission of sexually transmitted infections. You and your partner can also choose other contraceptive methods such as birth control pills, birth control injections, implants, or an IUD to prevent unexpected pregnancies.

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