LCH Disease In Children

Illustration of LCH Disease In Children
Illustration: LCH Disease In Children

The results of PA and CPI on the removal of my child’s tumor on March 9, 2020 are as follows:

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LCH or Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis is a rare disease that attacks Langerhans cells, or cells that are in the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin or other organs, where there are abnormal changes and cell growth. This disease usually attacks children and usually does not provide symptoms, so that further physical examination and support is needed, such as physical examination and mucous membranes in the body, routine blood tests, blood chemistry, hormone tests, and cell staining tests with immunohistochemical methods (CPI )and others.

On CPI examination, langerin, CD1a, S100, CD45, CD101, and CD68 are usually found positive. These codes are tumor markers or tumor markers that are usually specific or indicate the presence of certain abnormal cells. So, based on the CPI results that you submit, there is a high tendency of results leading to LCH.

Treatment of LCH usually depends on the patient's clinical findings. If there are lesions or abnormal skin appearances that are more than one, there are symptoms that involve many vital organs such as the brain and central nervous system, LCH needs to be treated systemically like with chemotherapy drugs. Meanwhile, if there are no symptoms and there is only one appearance of an abnormal skin, surgery or radiation therapy can be done. So, it depends on the symptoms experienced by your child, so the doctor can determine the treatment that can be done and whether the treatment is urgent or not.

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