Left Abdominal Pain After Curettage?

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Good evening. I am jaojah from Karawang, I want to ask. I lost the age of the fetus for 3 months on July 17th, but I was examined, my richness was ruz I was curetted. Because I am afraid that my curette is not in my curette, I just naturally. every day I take herbal medicine. After starting to get better, about 2 months I am pregnant again at the age of 1 month. I was still seen by the midwife for a checkup at home on ultrasound. After ultrasound says the fetus is not developing, it is necessary to use curettage. ea I was curetted. after curettage I was in control sruh after d curette u0026amp; I have no complaints whatsoever. But now I feel stomach ache on the left ea. Why is it because ea still answered?

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Abdominal pain can be caused by various causes, ranging from indigestion, disorders of the female reproductive system, to abnormalities in the urinary tract. Here are the diseases that most often cause pain in the stomach:

Disorders of the digestive tract: gastritis, dyspepsia syndrome, gastric ulcer, acute gastroenteritis, etc.
Disorders of the female reproductive system: dysmenorrhoea, endometritis, ovarian cysts, etc.
Disorders of the urinary system: urinary tract stones and urinary tract infections

Regarding your question, it needs to be clarified again, which part of the stomach hurts, the upper left or the lower left. If the painful stomach is felt in the upper left, it is likely that stomach disorders such as gastritis, dyspepsia, etc. If you feel pain in the lower left abdomen, it could be the cause from the urinary tract, reproductive system or in the digestive tract. Therefore, complete information is needed along with direct examination to determine the exact cause of the complaint you feel.

The curettage you underwent previously can also affect the abdominal pain you feel, but it needs to be re-evaluated how often the complaint is felt and whether it is accompanied by other symptoms such as bleeding, persistent pain, menstrual disorders etc. The curettage procedure can also cause side effects / complications after the procedure. The scar tissue that forms after the curettage is done, can cause complaints of pain that you feel.

To reduce the complaints you feel, you can do the following as management and preventive measures, including:

Get enough rest
Eat healthy and nutritious food
Get plenty of water
Avoid consumption of spicy, acidic, coffee, tea and high-fat foods
Regular exercise
Avoid fatigue, stress and excessive activity
Avoid lifting heavy loads
Painkillers can be considered for consumption

Don't hesitate to go to the doctor closest to you, in order to get a complete examination and proper treatment. That is the information that I can convey, hope it helps

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