Left Abdominal Pain When Late Eating?

Illustration of Left Abdominal Pain When Late Eating?
Illustration: Left Abdominal Pain When Late Eating? kitchenstewardship.com

Good afternoon, I want to ask if the left abdominal pain when eating late and movement is what characterizes the disease

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Abdominal pain associated with late eating, usually occurs due to stomach acid disease. Late eating conditions can trigger stomach acid expenditure and high stomach acid levels can irritate and cause various symptoms ranging from abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, to shortness and penetrating pain to the back for some people. Aside from eating late, this condition can also be triggered by eating spicy, sour, oily foods, and coffee consumption.

This condition can usually improve by itself or with over the counter ulcer drugs. But if it doesn't improve, maybe you need a stronger medicine by going to the doctor. As for pain when moving, this usually occurs because of injury to the muscles and is not related to eating late. So it could indeed be that you experience are two different conditions. For injuries, you simply compress the warm part of the pain and minimize movement until the condition is restored.

Apart from that, we cannot guarantee our assumptions about your condition because we do not check yourself directly. Therefore, if you feel your condition is not improving, it is better to check with your doctor directly to be ascertained through a series of historical excavations, physical examination and support. The handling that you will receive later depends on the results of the inspection. In the meantime, identify what triggers the recurrence of the complaint and avoid it as much as possible. So, hopefully answering your question.

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