Left And Right Abdominal Pain?

Illustration of Left And Right Abdominal Pain?
Illustration: Left And Right Abdominal Pain? ligastrohealth.com

I want to ask, yesterday was my Friday after exercising my left abdomen, it hurts until now and the pain is excessive in my opinion until I sneeze and it hurts. I tried using wind oil, but I haven’t lost my stomach pain either. What are the symptoms of the pain? this stomach?

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Hello Puspita,

Thank you for the question.

Abdominal pain after exercising most often occurs due to muscle cramps. In mild conditions, abdominal cramps that cause pain often improve in a short time with the following treatments:

Rest more, position your feet higher with a pillow propped up
Use comfortable and loose clothing, don't use high heels
Warm compresses on painful stomach
Avoid excessive pressure let alone massage the painful stomach
Drink more
Eat more regularly, but first limit spicy and gassy foods
Don't panic or worry too much
Avoid activities that cause excessive abdominal muscle contractions, such as:
Not always lifting heavy things
Prevent constipation, by drinking lots and eating lots of fibrous food
Prevent coughing and sneezing, by avoiding allergens, using masks, not using excessive air conditioning or fans, and keeping the environment clean

However, in some cases, abdominal pain can also be associated with a more serious disease, such as dyspepsia, urinary tract infections or stones, pre menstrual syndrome, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, pelvic inflammation, digestive infections, nerve nerves, peripheral neuropathy, hernias, inflammation of the intestine, fibromyalgia, psychological disorders, and so on. In conditions like this, often the natural handling as above alone can not overcome the total pain that appears.

Therefore, you first try to do the tips above. If the pain still does not improve, or appears fever, vomiting, bowel obstruction, menstrual disorders, and other severe complaints, then immediately check with your doctor or internist in order to be treated further yes ..

I hope this helps.

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