Left Chest Pain, Stiff Muscles, Cold Sweat And Anxiety?

Illustration of Left Chest Pain, Stiff Muscles, Cold Sweat And Anxiety?
Illustration: Left Chest Pain, Stiff Muscles, Cold Sweat And Anxiety? media.healthdirect.org.au

lately I often experience chest pain in the left side of the muscles feels stiff cold sweat continues to be easily anxious excess, nausea, insomnia too

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Hello Fika,

Thank you for the question.

Chest pain, muscle stiffness, cold sweat, nausea, and insomnia, if they appear accompanied by excessive anxiety and hallucinations are likely caused by psychiatric disorders, for example, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, psychosomatic disorders, specific phobias, alcohol-related psychotic disorders or drugs, cyclotymic disorders, even schizophrenia. Indeed, it is not always clear exactly what factors can trigger this psychiatric disorder. However, a history of experiencing deep traumatic events, including the result of the death of a loved one, conflicts with friends or spouses, work problems, economic problems, even disasters or epidemics in the environment (such as the outbreak of COVID-19) can indeed be one of the triggers. Not only that, there is also a lot of literature which states that this psychiatric disorder occurs related to genetic factors, imbalance of chemical compounds in the brain, certain personality types, parenting patterns since childhood, and environmental conditions around.

Not only psychiatric disorders, other factors such as heart problems, respiratory disorders, viral or bacterial infections, hormonal disorders, autoimmune disorders, fibromyalgia, and so on can also trigger complaints as you experience today.

We recommend that you improve your condition, try to remedy it first by:

 Discipline the contents of your days with a healthy lifestyle, such as sleeping and waking up more regularly, eating a variety of healthy and nutritious foods, exercising, worshiping Stay away from cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol Make peace with your past, believe God hit upon his servant with problems that are in accordance with ability to deal with these problems, rest assured that all the tests in your life are given by God to shape your personality better Improve your relationship with your family and people closest to you Do not daydream, fantasize Do productive activities, which make yourself valued by others because achievements you have Expand relaxation and meditation Don't take any medicine without doctor's advice Refer to the current condition, where COVID-19 (a disease due to a new Corona virus infection) is spreading, you are advised not to leave the house, except for emergency cases. Therefore, only check with your doctor or psychiatrist if your complaint does not improve by doing the tips above ..

I hope this helps.

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