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Hello! My name is Novita 26 years old, last July I finished my TB treatment for 9 months, then after I finished the TB treatment, while I was still on TB treatment, I felt that my left chest was sore, especially when my body was tired, and my left back hurt when moving, not when I breathe, yes, on August 2 2018 I went to a cardiac clinic and already underwent a heart record, the doctor said, was normal and there was no swelling after seeing the last X-ray of my lungs, my question is whether the left lung can be infected with TB or because of it gastric acid? And what tests should I undergo so that I can find out what disease is in my body? n nThank you …

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Hello Novita,

Chest pain is often associated with heart disease, but many chest pains are caused by other problems such as digestive problems, muscles, bones. Here are some examples of causes of chest pain that are generally not classified as serious:

Injury to the muscles of the chest cavity or / and ribs. Acid reflux and pain in the gut (GERD). Lung problems such as pneumonia, pleurisy, tuberculosis dysphagia or swallowing problems. Costochondritis in which there is inflammation of the cartilage that connects the sternum to the ribs. Mastitis or inflammation of the breast tissue Herpes zoster infection Fibromyalgia Apart from the causes mentioned above, there are also several causes of chest pain that are not related to heart disease but require immediate doctor's help, namely:

Panic attacks or anxiety in which the sufferer's heart rate will be very fast, short of breath, and hit by a feeling of intense fear or anxiety Pneumothorax where there is air between the two layers that wrap around the lungs so that the lungs become collapsed and the sufferer becomes very difficult to breathe Pulmonary embolism or the formation of a blood clot in the lung blood vessels. If you experience any of the conditions as above, you should immediately see a doctor for immediate treatment.

Here are some of the symptoms of chest pain that are generally not related to heart disease, such as:

Chest pain when coughing or taking a deep breath Chest pain when pressed Pain in the gut or food from the stomach that feels like rising back into the esophagus Pain that gets worse or gets better with changes in body position Difficulty swallowing If you experience what is already bothering you, feel severe, recurring relapses, showing no signs of improvement, so check with your doctor immediately so you can find the underlying cause of your symptoms and can be treated as soon as possible. Some tests that can be done to diagnose chest pain include:

X-ray. Performed to check the shape and size of the heart, blood vessels, and lung problems. Electrocardiogram (ECG). Done to check the heart's electrical activity. Blood test. To check for enzyme levels that increase when there is damage to the heart muscle. Computed tomography (CT scan). To check for aortic vessels or blood clots in the lungs. Echocardiogram. To check the structure and function of the heart If you are experiencing chest pain, what can be done include loosening the clothes you are wearing, drinking water to help calm yourself down, taking pain relievers such as paracetamol according to the dosage recommended by your doctor or listed on the packaging for help relieve pain.

However, do not delay seeking immediate medical attention if you experience chest pain:

Feels heavy, like a feeling of pressure or squeezing Feels spread from the chest to the arms, back, or jaw. Chest pain lasts more than 15 minutes. Chest pain accompanied by nausea, vomiting, body sweating, shortness of breath. Have a risk of heart disease such as high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, smoking, diabetes. Check with your doctor or medical professional immediately to find out the cause of your symptoms and can be given appropriate treatment

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