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Good night,. I want to ask, my left ear can not hear, it feels like my ear is covered with something. This happened like when I was 9 years old and now I’m 19th. I have tried dripping the oil and then removing it, lightly using a cotton bud, but it doesn’t have any effect. And my earwax was hard, different from one another, and I could be pruned out using my hands. Can the ears be treated now?

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Hearing loss with symptoms of a closed ear sensation usually occurs due to disturbances in the outer or middle ear, starting from the earlobe, ear canal, to the cavity behind the eardrum (including the 3 hearing bones). This disorder is most often caused by infection, foreign bodies, blockage of hardened wax, and injury to the eardrum.

Infection of the middle ear (otitis media) can occur for a short time (acute otitis media) or for a long time (chronic otitis media). Otitis media occurs due to bacterial infection of the middle ear. A blockage of foreign bodies or hardened wax in the ear canal can cause hearing loss. The doctor needs to remove the foreign object or hardened wax so that hearing can return to good health. Injury to the eardrum can result from a large difference in pressure from outside and inside the middle ear space or from direct injury to the eardrum, including the use of cotton swabs.

To find out the cause and the appropriate treatment, you need to come to an ear, nose and throat specialist (ENT doctor). The doctor will check the condition of your ears and hearing function. ENT doctors have complete equipment to help deal with problems that occur. If special measures are needed, the ENT doctor will discuss this with you. Meanwhile, don't try to put anything in the ear, including oil, medicinal drops, cotton buds, or fingers as this can worsen the condition of the ear and can cause complications in the ear. Drink lots of water maybe can help. Talk to your doctor about the best treatment that is suitable for you.

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