Left Eye Hurts When Blinking?

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Why does my left eye flicker when I blink?

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Eye pain when blinking is a symptom of several eye diseases, including:
1. Hordeolum interna, which is the formation of bumps like pimples on the edges of the eyelids caused by bacterial infections due to blocked oil glands in the eyelids.
2. Dry eyes, causing eye exposure to dust so that it will feel pain when winking.
3. Eyes are tired
4. Conjunctivitis or inflammatory disease of the clear and thin layer of the white part of the eyeball and inner eyelid.
5. Foreign matter.
You should consult with an ophthalmologist so that you can be examined directly. The doctor will find out the cause of the emergence of pain. Then later based on these causes the doctor will provide treatment. If you see a foreign object, the doctor will remove the foreign object from the eye. Next dojter will give antibiotics eye drops or eye ointments. Meanwhile, you can apply warm compresses to the affected eye.
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