Left Hand Muscle Pain?

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Hello doctor, I have a question. My father’s upper arm often hurts when it’s placed wrong. it means that if your hands are folded or supporting something, it will immediately hurt. it’s been weeks. My father is also taking long-term profibrate. Is it influential? or is it just a normal vein? thanks

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good nindya,

Pain in the locomotor area, especially when there is movement, is usually caused by problems with the supporting structures of the locomotion, which consist of at least bones, joints, and muscles. Some of the causes of this pain can be:

myalgia or muscle pain that can be caused by posture errors, supporting heavy loads, cramps due to lack of warm-up/too strenuous activity for example during exercise, and can also be caused by the side effects of certain drugs such as cholesterol drugs, fibrates, bone injuries such as fractures or fractures arthritis or inflammation of the joints that can be caused by aging or autoimmune processes. Pain can be temporarily reduced by massaging the painful muscle using an analgesic cream such as one containing diclofenac, or by taking pain medication such as paracetamol by paying attention to the instructions for use. It is possible that the use of this profibrat causes muscle pain as one of the side effects. Therefore, we recommend that you check with your father again to the doctor regarding the medication he was given. Here we attach an article about myalgia. May be useful.

dr. N. K. Arief

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