Left Neck If You Look Right And Pressed Under The Jaw Feels Pain.?

Illustration of Left Neck If You Look Right And Pressed Under The Jaw Feels Pain.?
Illustration: Left Neck If You Look Right And Pressed Under The Jaw Feels Pain.? post.healthline.com

Good night. I am 17 and BB 52 kg. I have a complaint in the left neck area precisely under the lower jaw. complaints when used to look right at the bottom of the jaw feels painful when pressed but if not pressed only feels very small. and there are very small lumps, smaller than green beans. initially this pain came with my back which was sick due to wrong sleeping position. Does this also include the effects of incorrect sleeping position? according to the references I read, the characteristics of the disease that could possibly occur did not match my current condition. It’s been 4 days. Please explain …

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Pain in the left neck region of the lower jaw needs to be explored further. Since when you feel this complaint, what triggers the emergence of these symptoms (bumping, after waking up, after tooth extraction), the characteristics of pain that you experience (prickling, spreading like a shock when chewing food, throbbing), factors that aggravate and aggravate alleviate pain, other complaints that you feel (swelling, redness, pain when pressed in the lower jaw area, lumps that appear getting bigger, etc.), history of previous illnesses especially in that area, history of allergies, history of treatment that you have done to reduce symptoms experienced.

Pain in the neck region can be caused by several possibilities, including injuries to the muscles or tissues of the neck region which can be caused by excessive use after exercise, abnormalities in bone and joint structure in the neck region, an infection in the lower jaw area that can involve the water glands saliva, lymph nodes, or infection of the oral cavity involving teeth, gums, can also occur due to abnormalities / lumps in the thyroid / parathyroid gland, infection of the esophagus or throat. Lumps in the lower jaw may not be related to your sleeping position.

It is advisable to consult a doctor regarding further examination and management related to your condition. So you can determine the causes that are likely to underlie your present condition and the appropriate and optimal treatment for your condition. It is not advisable to consume pengoabtan by yourself without doctor's instructions, avoiding excessive use of muscles in the neck area, avoiding looking too far / extreme.

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