Left Side Stomach Pain After Giving Birth?

Illustration of Left Side Stomach Pain After Giving Birth?
Illustration: Left Side Stomach Pain After Giving Birth? Bing

.. i want to ask, my wife gave birth 5 days ago… now i feel hot, left side of stomach ache, and feels tight in her thigh… what action should i take… please guide… thanks

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Hi Maung.. Thank you for the questions given.

In women after giving birth will experience some changes. These changes are normal for women who give birth vaginally or by caesarean section. If the woman who gave birth normally can do an episiotomy (cutting to widen the birth canal), this episiotomy wound can also cause pain and take time for the healing process. Abdominal pain can occur due to the process of the uterus returning to its original size after the uterus was enlarged because it was filled with the fetus. Pain or discomfort in the legs is also normal so you don't need to worry too much.

Therefore, after 1 week of giving birth, it is better to go back to the obstetrician for a physical examination and abdominal ultrasound to see if the uterus is really clean.

What your wife can do:

warm compresses to reduce complaints
If the pain is felt, then you can take paracetamol according to the dose to reduce complaints
If lying down, keep your feet elevated to reduce swelling and discomfort
Eat nutritious foods
If there is a stitched wound, keep it clean and avoid it from moisture

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