Left Stomach Pain?

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, I am a teenager, I am 15 years old, I want to ask you, why does my lower left stomach hurt, it feels like needles are being poked, then it’s a bit hard, if the left leg is lifted, my left stomach hurts, why is that?? Explanation please

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Hello Devy Sasmyttha

Thank you for your question

Actually, it is quite difficult to immediately suspect or confirm the cause of the lower left abdominal pain that you are experiencing, because there are quite a number of causes and must be examined directly by a doctor and carried out with appropriate supporting examinations (ultrasound examination, abdominal X-ray, blood tests, CT-Scan). etc). Causes of lower left abdominal pain in women include:

Injury to lower left abdomen


Gastrointestinal infection

Kidney infection or stones


Crohn's disease.


Ovarian cyst.

Pain due to ovulation.


Infection of the fallopian tubes or/and ovaries.

Problems with the cervix.

Other causes.

So, you should see a doctor so that you can get the appropriate examination and treatment. As long as you are not contraindicated, then you can take painkillers such as ibuprofen and mefenamic acid. If the pain strikes, then you should lie down and rest until the pain subsides. While lying down, you can also compress your stomach that is experiencing pain with a warm compress. Increase the consumption of water.

Make sure you check with your doctor.

Hope this answer helps you.

Dr. Aldy Valentino

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