Leg Cramps

Illustration of Leg Cramps
Illustration: Leg Cramps

Good night doc, I want to ask why, yes, everytime I take the ac (cold room) too long I always feel pain and cramps in my legs. Even when at work suddenly my legs cramped, but I was forced to walk and finally my legs were swollen and very difficult to walk. similarly, if I stay too long in the sun I will feel very dizzy and sometimes I get a fever. that’s why me dock? thank you

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Good night. Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

The condition you are experiencing, such as symptoms when hot or cold can be affected by a number of things such as

  Allergies which usually appear specific at a certain time where rash, weakness, swelling will usually occur and this happens when exposed to extreme air Deficiency or electrolyte disturbances Disorders of the heart Anxiety or psychological To overcome this should try to do some of the following

 Avoid things that are triggers Use comfortable clothes Sufficient fluid needs according to the needs of about 2 liters per day Avoid anxiety Keep a good lifestyle Exercise routine if there is no improvement you should immediately go to the hospital to be carried out further tests and treatment with good

Thus information may be useful

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