Leg Pain When Moving Squatting And Standing And Numb On The Hands

Illustration of Leg Pain When Moving Squatting And Standing And Numb On The Hands
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Hello, I am still 24 years old but I have been able to get rid of some of the disorders in my legs and legs … afterward, my joint pain medicine doesn’t hurt. visit all the time … Even now it’s already spreading to the ground with no … a bad feeling that doesn’t move sick ….. It’s really like what I need to be a doctor … thanks

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There are complaints of pain in your right left leg when squatting and standing and numb complaints in your hands may be triggered by muscle stiffness due to physical fatigue or strenuous activity that you previously lived, so that blood flow is not smooth which affects muscle and nerve function. Physical fatigue that may occur can be triggered by long trips, sitting monotonous work, carrying heavy loads or after climbing activities and so forth. If this physical fatigue is not restored by resting and relaxing your muscles and joints, then the complaints you feel will further disturb you.

In patients with strenuous activities that trigger muscle stiffness or even cause muscle or joint injury, self-recovery usually takes about 6-7 days after the complaint of pain appears, with notes, the patient does not do heavy activity, the patient immediately increases his resting need for recovery and the patient is doing stretch training. Within 6-7 days, it is hoped that the inflammation process will improve so that muscle stiffness will decrease until complaints of pain will disappear.

Some other independent maintenance businesses you can do are:

Avoid sleeping late
Avoid strenuous activities
Enough water
Avoid carrying heavy loads
Stretch your hands and feet
Idealize your weight
Avoid ringing your joints to avoid injury
Lakuka warm compresses on the painful area for 20 minutes as much as 2-3 times per day

This effort needs to be done regularly and consistently, so that it helps your recovery. Also, don't force yourself to move, use aids when you change positions until your muscle strength returns.

However, if this complaint has not improved in the next 3-4 days after trying various things above or the complaint of pain is increasing, then you should consult and check with your doctor. The doctor will do a physical examination and radiological examination if needed. So the doctor can consider several other possible medical conditions, such as:

Joint or muscle trauma
Ligament or tendon damage
Spinal cord suppression
Nerve stress in the wrist or foot area
Metabolic disorders, such as diabetes, gout, or blood cholesterol increase excessively

All possibilities will be considered by doctors in ascertaining the cause and providing the right treatment for you. So that treatment can only be given by your doctor to prevent risky side effects and to give your recovery focus.

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