Lens Plus 1?

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I want to ask what is meant by the +1 lens?

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Plus eyes can happen to anyone, from children to adults. There are several ways to help improve the vision function of sufferers plus eyes, can use glasses, contact lenses, or through surgical procedures.

The eyes plus or near soap is a visual disorder that makes sufferers have difficulty seeing objects at close range. They can actually see things that are far away clearly. Most of these conditions usually occur in adults who turn 40 years and over. However, in certain conditions, children can experience this condition. In addition, to overcome this condition, there is no farsighted drug known to be effective in treating it, patients can use tools such as glasses and contact lenses or perform lasik surgery.

rabidekat occurs because the eyeball is too short, so the cornea is less curved or too flat, or it could be because the lens of the eye is unable to focus properly. As a result, light that should fall right on the retina falls or is focused behind the retina, causing vision to appear blurry. Infants or children who suffer from this disorder can usually recover when growing up. Nearsightedness that they experience usually occurs because their visual organs are still developing.

+1 lens is obtained after eye examination, so after doing the examination you can get a +1 lens you can see clearly not blurry like that. So in conclusion this is a nearsighted eye problem.

To determine which eye treatment plus the most suitable, you should consult a specialist eye doctor first. In addition, do not forget to go to the eye doctor every two or four years to get your eye health checked.

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