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When I was in grade 2 junior high school in 2002 I was suffering from leprosy after almost 1 year I went to seek treatment, thank God it was cured. But why the numbness of the skin affected by leprosy is now the solution

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Leprosy or leprosy or Hansen's disease is a bacterial infection that mainly affects the skin and peripheral nervous system. Leprosy infection is caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae. Leprosy is generally a disease that lasts a long time and requires quite a long treatment. Because it affects the skin and peripheral nervous system, this disease will give a clinical picture of white patches on the skin that are not itchy and reduced sensation of touch on the affected skin area. Furthermore, this disease will affect the peripheral nervous system which will give symptoms in the form of reduced sensation of touch, a sense of cramps, motor weakness (movement) to paralysis, and injuries to the feet / hands.

The human body has a mechanism to heal or restore damaged cells / tissues. However, this mechanism varies greatly depending on the type of cell / tissue damaged and the person's age. This healing mechanism also cannot always occur if the tissue damage that has occurred is severe enough. For nerve tissue, generally has a slower healing rate than other tissues.

Based on the case you are experiencing, it can occur due to several possibilities such as nerve tissue that has not yet experienced complete healing, damage to nerve tissue that is severe enough so that it cannot heal properly, or the emergence of a new skin disorder that causes symptoms to return. Therefore, we advise you to consult a dermatologist. The doctor will do questions and answers and some tests that may be deemed necessary. Some tests that may be done, such as blood tests, skin scrapings, and nerve function tests. After knowing the cause, the doctor can provide appropriate treatment.

What I can suggest to you is:

- pay close attention to the parts of the skin that are less feeling / numb, especially the leg area because it is prone to being stabbed or hit without being noticed

- consume foods with adequate nutrition, especially vegetables and fruits that contain lots of B vitamins which are good for nerves

- Maintain a healthy lifestyle with adequate rest and regular exercise to maximize your body functions

That's all we can say. May be useful.

dr. Setiawan Winarso

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