Leucorrhoea Appears On The Eyelids?

Illustration of Leucorrhoea Appears On The Eyelids?
Illustration: Leucorrhoea Appears On The Eyelids? healthlyf.com

Hello, in my eye skin, there is something yellowish white, it really disturbs me, what is the disease, please explain

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More complete information is needed related to the description of the complaint that you feel such as in the upper, lower or corners of the eye near the nose, the time of appearance since when, whether it feels painful, swollen, and getting enlarged / widened or not.

It is possible that something whitish in your eyelids can be caused by a condition called xathelasma, which is a slightly whitish yellowish plaque that is formed from the formation of fat and is often found in the corner of the eye, or the upper or lower eyelids. Xathelasma is not a dangerous disease, but the condition is often associated with elevated cholesterol or blood lipid levels so that it is also at risk for heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and other disorders.

Generally do not need therapy to eliminate it, but if it feels disturbing, medical treatment can be chosen by the surgical method. It is advisable to check blood fat levels regularly. During this time, a healthy lifestyle can help to stabilize the condition of blood fats, blood sugar and other important components. Reduce fatty foods, meet the needs of water, consume healthy and nutritious foods and multiply fruit vegetables. Also do not forget to exercise regularly. Consult with your nearest doctor to get complete information and examinations to ascertain the condition you are experiencing. So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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