Leucorrhoea During Intercourse?

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Evening, continued to ask. Regarding vaginal discharge that I experienced thick textured liquid such as milk broken white if dry on the underwear looks yellow / green with itching and irritation on the external genitals. Sometimes also accompanied by pain when urinating and having sex. Now my husband also feels pain when urinating. There is a solution? I had checked and asked many times and the answer was the same as vaginal discharge due to the influence of pregnancy.

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Leucorrhoea can be caused by several factors, ranging from the body's normal response to infection in the female area. and this is different from menstruation.

Some possibilities that might occur include:

Normal vaginal discharge (colorless, odorless, related to the menstrual cycle)
Candidiasis vaginalis
Bacterial vaginosis

In the meantime what you can do include:

Avoid sexual relations, given the potential for transmission with a partner if there is an infection
Maintain cleanliness of the vagina and female area
Wash with soap and clean water after every urination or defecation
Dry to dry thoroughly after washing
Change clothes 2-3x per day or when it feels moist
Don't wear clothes too tight
Do not use feminine washing soap
When menstruating, replace the pads every 3-5 hours

Some people with these infections have no symptoms, so it's a good idea to see a gynecologist for further examination and get the right treatment. It's a good idea to check with your husband at the same time to get a doctor handling and related examinations

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