Leucorrhoea Is Brown With All Body Aches?

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I am 18 years old walking 8 months r nI already have children and gave birth by Caesar and my child is 11 months 14 days r nFrom two days ago I was sick, please r nThe pain is very bad, still can move? r nWhat I experienced was the beginning of my stomach pain, I took polysilen medicine for stomach ulcers disappeared r nBut continued to reappear in pain Dizziness or what caused by too tough Gadgets? r nAnd last night I was not feeling well, I slept the mattress is quite soft but my body aches, my bones hurt like I have a bone flu, my body is not hot or I have a fever and I also don’t have a cold or cough. r nBut my body bones hurt all like pain r My body skin just touches it doesn’t feel good r nContinue just when I want to pee I see my pants come out like brownish lumpy like chili seeds (really really little) r nWhat do you think I’m sick of? How do you treat it?

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Hello Maharani, thank you for your question to HealthReplies.com.

The condition that you are experiencing could be caused by a disease or it could also be caused by an illness that runs independently at the same time.

From the complaints that you submit, symptoms begin with pain in the stomach that improves with heartburn medication. In addition to heartburn, some people who experience heartburn can also feel nausea, vomiting, flatulence, fullness quickly, and sometimes even complain of dizziness after an ulcer. The following are various conditions that can cause feelings of pain in the stomach / stomach ulcers, for example:

gastritis, which occurs inflammation of the stomach due to irritation from stomach acid ulcers / sores on the stomach wall (gastric ulcer) due to erosion of the stomach wall by gastric acid bacterial infections in the stomach and so forth. Some conditions that can cause stomach ulcers are lack of regular eating schedule so that the stomach is empty for too long, consumption of foods / drinks that irritate the stomach (eg too spicy, sour, soda, etc.), fatigue, and lack of rest. As for the dizziness that you experience, it could be caused by your stomach ulcers, or by other illnesses. Dizziness itself is a sensation where the head feels light, staggering body, and can even cause feelings of the environment around you to spin. Too long staring at the gadget screen, reading too closely, the use of glasses that do not match the minus of your eyes, anemia / lack of blood, and dehydration are some of the causes that can cause dizziness.

Feelings of pain in muscles and joint / bone pain can also be caused by many things, for example due to fatigue and lack of rest or as a response to the body to an infection in our body. Most viral infections can cause symptoms such as pain in the joints and bones, body feels chills, flu symptoms, fever, headache, and so forth. Viral infections themselves are many types and can affect different organ systems, for example viral infections in the throat that cause strep throat, dengue infections, gastrointestinal infections, and others. However, other than due to infection, if the symptoms of pain / ache in the muscles and bones often recur, and persist for a long time, there are other conditions that might cause it, namely fibromyalgia. In this condition persistent pain can even reach up to 3 months, and the occurrence is associated with factors of lack of rest, fatigue, and excessive stress.

Related to your complaints about vaginal discharge, vaginal discharge is a discharge from the vagina, where it can be a normal variant (small, odorless, clear color (or sometimes a little yellow / faded brown), and does not cause itching) or due to bacterial infection, fungus, or a sign of cervical cancer (vaginal discharge smells foul / sour, a lot of fluid, sometimes sticky / lumpy, causing itching around the genitals). Keep in mind, vaginal discharge can become more when you ovulate or before menstruation, and this is included in the normal variant. In some people, fatigue can also cause vaginal discharge. If you have no complaints about the Caesarean wound and the wound has healed completely, chances are the complaint you are experiencing is not related to the process of giving birth to you.

In the meantime, monitor your vaginal discharge. Is it just that one time or the vaginal discharge increases and becomes more and more annoying. At home, you can try:

keep your diet, eat at least 3 times a day, or more often with small portions (not until you are late eating) drink water at least 2 liters per day (equivalent to 8 glasses) reduce excessive physical activity (do not force yourself doing heavy homework), but make yourself available for light exercise, for example morning walks, relaxed biking, etc. Get enough rest. I understand, being a mother does require extra energy to take care of all the needs of the baby. As much as possible set a schedule for sleep alternately with your partner (or you can take a rest while the child is sleeping) avoid stress If the symptoms that you feel are very disturbing and make you anxious, you can check yourself to the doctor so the doctor can ask about the symptoms you are experiencing with more complete and complete physical examination. If needed, the doctor can also carry out investigations such as blood tests to find out whether there is an infection or not.

That's all, hopefully it's useful and hopefully get better soon.


dr. Sheryl Serelia.

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