Leucorrhoea Is Green And Smells Bad When 5 Months Pregnant?

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I want to ask, I have a problem in my miss V area .. I’m pregnant 5 months but I’m surprised that the unnatural vaginal discharge is green and with an unpleasant odor … I’ve experienced this since I was pregnant but early in my whiteness the color was white like yogurt but it turns green over time and smells bad. Why ya

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Hello Iikveronika,

Normal vaginal discharge is clear, slightly cloudy, odorless, and does not cause itching. Leucorrhoea is normal at certain times between menstrual cycles. Pregnant mothers more often experience vaginal discharge due to changes in hormone levels. Leucorrhoea in menopausal women will decrease.

Leucorrhoea that is not normal is as follows:

There is a change in color, odor, or whitish texture than normal.
Leucorrhoea is very much out
Itching or burning or burning sensation around the vagina
Pain in the pelvis or when urinating
Accompanied by bleeding after sexual intercourse or outside the menstrual schedule

Abnormal vaginal discharge can be caused by pubic infections or can appear as a symptom of cervical cancer. Women are more prone to having pubic infections due to the use of birth control pills, having sexual relations with multiple partners, suffering from diabetes mellitus, suffering from a disease that weakens the body's immunity, vaginal irritation, the use of female soap too often.

Some causes of pubic infections that can give symptoms of vaginal discharge are not normal are:

Bacterial vaginosis
Vaginal candidiasis

Diagnosis of pubic infections can be done based on clinical symptoms, physical examination, and supporting examinations such as pH tests (acid base) vaginal mucus, examination of vaginal fluid samples, examination of sexually transmitted infections, and pap smears.

Abnormal vaginal discharge needs to be sought out and treated quickly. Treatment will be given according to the diagnosis, if due to bacterial infection it will be given antibiotics if there is a yeast infection then given anti-fungal drugs. There are drugs that are given vaginally and some are taken. Try not to use underwear that is too tight and wear cotton underwear. Do not use pantyliners and feminine cleansers every day. Dry your genitals well before wearing panties. If vaginal discharge recurs after treatment, ask your partner to have a check up as well, because if it is caused by a sexually transmitted infection, it will continue to recur if the patient is not treated.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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