Leucorrhoea Is White And Clot Before Menstruation?

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Good morning, I want to ask, I experienced white vaginal discharge and clot, and the lump was white and rather dense, then accompanied by itching, this is the first time. Usually this is nearing the date of celebration. Is this ok? What should I do?

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Hello Holy,

Thank you for the question.

White vaginal discharge, lumpy, accompanied by itching may not only occur due to hormonal influences before menstruation. Could be, vaginal discharge as you experience it indicates that your intimate organs are also infected by fungi, for example the type of Candida sp. Typically, leucorrhoea that occurs associated with fungal infections will produce a pungent odor that is pungent and visibly thick like cheese. This vaginal discharge will also come out more to imprint on the genitals and cause discomfort. This fungus infection is prone to occur if your intimate organs are often exposed to high humidity, not treated properly, clean contact with sexual partners who also have fungal infections, or if your immune system is not good enough.

Other factors, such as irritation of sex organs, infection of other microorganisms (for example bacteria, viruses, or parasites), stress, fatigue, side effects of contraception, to malignancy in the reproductive organs (for example cervical cancer) can also worsen your complaints.

You should try to overcome your vaginal discharge through the following suggestions:

Clean with good quality water your sex organs every bath, after every bowel movement, and also after every sexual intercourse
Do not carelessly use perfume, soap, and sexual lubricant around the sex organs
Change your underwear 2 times a day
Do not use tight pants and hot
Does not scratch intimate organs, though itchy
Only have healthy sex
Shave your pubic hair, don't leave it too long
Do not carelessly consume any medicine without doctor's advice

If with the above efforts your complaint still continues, immediately check with your doctor or dermatologist and genitals so that further treatment is given according to the cause huh ..

I hope this helps.

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