Leucorrhoea, Nausea, And Discomfort In The Stomach During Pregnancy?

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Hello, I am umr 21 years old, I want to ask, I am currently pregnant, but until now I have not had the chance to have my womb checked by a gynecologist because I am so busy working. In the end, I have experienced quite a lot of discharge, even smells bad, but it doesn’t sting, but it smells quite annoying for me and every morning after I wake up if I don’t have breakfast it makes my stomach feel very bad. Is this the effect of my pregnancy? Is this normal? And finally, “I also feel unwell, sometimes I feel nauseous, like I want to throw up. But what I worry about is the vaginal discharge that I experience. Is that normal? Thanks.

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Leucorrhoea, nausea, and discomfort in the stomach and other bodies can indeed be common things that occur in pregnant women. All of these complaints are closely related to hormonal changes that result in increased activity of glandular cells in the reproductive organs (especially in the cervix and vaginal canal) and also trigger an increase in stomach acid production. Complaints like this usually feel heavier in the early days of pregnancy (first trimester), and will improve with increasing gestational age.

As long as the nausea you feel is mild, without being accompanied by severe vomiting (more than 3 times a day), this condition is generally not a dangerous thing. The most important thing is that you always fulfill the nutritional needs for yourself and the fetus in your womb, by eating small to medium portions more often. Choose a variety of foods so that your appetite improves. When the nausea is quite intense, first reduce the consumption of foods that are too spicy, coconut milk, and contain too much gas. Also avoid the habit of eating too much before bedtime so as not to trigger nausea. Compress the area of ​​the stomach that is not comfortable with warm water and always wear comfortable clothes so as not to push the stomach area (especially the upper abdomen).

But indeed, you need to be more careful about your vaginal discharge. Although it is normal for more vaginal discharge to come out during pregnancy, the unpleasant smell of vaginal discharge indicates something abnormal. This condition most often occurs due to infection, it can be due to fungi, bacteria, parasites, or viruses. It could also, bad-smelling vaginal discharge appears due to irritation of the reproductive organs, malignancy (cancer), or vaginal fistula (an abnormal tube that connects the vagina with other organs, for example the bladder or rectum). To be sure, whether the exact trigger of your vaginal discharge, you should visit the nearest gynecologist directly. If necessary, the doctor will recommend that you undergo a urine test or take a sample of your vaginal discharge for further microscopic examination. Thus, the best management can be done according to the cause of your vaginal discharge. The doctor's examination is also very important to determine whether you are really pregnant or not. Because, a pregnancy diagnosis cannot be established if you have never undergone an ultrasound examination. Therefore, take the time between your busy lives to see a doctor.

As an initial way to deal with vaginal discharge, you should always keep your intimate organs clean and dry. Change your underwear periodically and avoid hot, tight underwear. Avoid all forms of free sex, avoid stress, and also avoid contact between intimate organs and substances that are irritating.

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dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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