Leucorrhoea Stops After Intercourse?

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Good afternoon … I want to ask on the 11th with my husband having sex … the husband uses contraception because we postpone the occurrence of pregnancy but during intercourse many of my vaginal discharge comes out … and from Wednesday the 12th until this date my leucorrhoea stops immediately which is usually always a lot every day … why well thank you

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Hello Devi, thank you for asking with HealthReplies.com.

In general, the vagina does produce fluid in which certain conditions can occur. Leucorrhoea is a condition in which a mucus or fluid is released from the vagina. Need to be distinguished about normal vaginal discharge, natural and harmless with certain vaginal discharge which can be a sign of a disease in female reproductive organs.

Normal vaginal discharge functions as a lubricant and prevents infection or irritation, and generally increases during sexual intercourse, during exercise, or when emotionally stressed. Normal vaginal discharge generally has the following characteristics: odorless, not itchy, and clear in color. Leucorrhoea is also influenced by other factors from the mother namely hormonal factors and ovulation cycle.

If vaginal discharge does occur, some causes of abnormal vaginal discharge include:

Bacterial infections (gonorrhea, chlamidia, bacterial vaginosis)

Parasitic infection (trichomoniasis)
Fungal infections (candidiasis)
Pelvic inflammation
Other sexually transmitted infections

Doctors need additional information about your vaginal discharge, what color is it, is there an unpleasant odor, are there other complaints such as abdominal pain, itching or pain in the female area to pain during urination? If you are worried or worried there is abnormal vaginal discharge You are advised to consult an obstetrician to find out the exact cause of your complaint. The doctor requires a direct physical examination, ultrasound, blood tests or other supporting examinations in order to choose the best treatment for you.

Some things you can do include:

Avoid excessive anxiety or stress
Use underpants with ingredients that absorb sweat
Keep the body dry and clean
Avoid using feminine cleansers or strong-scented soaps

Hopefully this information can be useful. Thank you

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