Leucorrhoea Test Results?

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Good evening, my name is about 20 years old. R nI have abnormal vaginal discharge. Then I checked into one of the labs in my city. The result is like this. Gram preparations = Gram negative rods found, Gram positive cocci, Gram positive rods found; Trichomonas preparation = not found Trichomonas; Preparation GO = No intra-extra cell Gram-negative diplococcal germs were found, Gram-positive cocci were found, Gram-negative rods, Gram-positive rods; Mushroom preparations = Not found hypa and spore formation. Such was the result, and what I asked about the results of the Gram and GO preparations, did I have certain diseases? Thank you for your time.

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Good evening, thanks for the question

Based on the results of your examination, it can be explained that:

1. Gram-negative rods: These microorganisms are normally not found in vaginal secretions, for example are Salmonella sp, E. coli which can be found in the digestive tract and are the cause of diarrhea. Chances are you are infected with bacteria in the intestine because of poor personal hygiene, such as improper methods of causing germs that migrate to genital organs and cause infection.

2. Gram-positive coccus germs: examples are Staphylococcuc or Streptococcus which are normal flora which can also be found in vaginal secretions.

3. Gram-positive stem germ: is the most normal flora in the vagina that functions to maintain the atmosphere of the vagina by suppressing the growth of harmful microorganisms in the vagina, for example is Doderlein bacilli. These microorganisms can convert glycogen contained in the vaginal epithelium into lactate so that the vagina is always in acidic conditions.

Other tests such as gonorrhea, fungal, or trichomonas infections based on the above results are negative.

This condition requires treatment, namely the administration of antibiotics that are sensitive to gram-negative rods according to doctor's recommendations. While that must be considered also is to maintain the cleanliness of the vaginal area by paying attention to the correct way to do that is from the front to the back, often changing underpants and not using deodorizers in the pubic area.

So, hopefully this information can be useful for you

dr. Farah

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