Leucorrhoea That Does Not Heal Accompanied By Discharge?

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Ass I am a woman of 23 years old … just married 9 months. I vaginal discharge for a long time but never recovered completely … like to relapse again … I checked with the doctor SpOG but has not healed well … then I check again to change the doctor. Because before my vaginal discharge recurred, my vagina came out with blood. Said the doctor might have blood spots because it was going to menstruation because this EMG was already on date to menstruation … hla what I asked earlier was that night I checked and continued tomorrow afternoon blood came out again but it didn’t feel like menstruation just not like menstruation usually is menstrual blood emg isn’t it? Is it dangerous or not? Then if it is menstrual blood, the medicine that is inserted into the vagina is still put, will it stop then wait for the menstruation to finish? The thing is I was given external medicine too … so I was confused … Please explain the doctor. Thank you

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please note that vaginal discharge is normal and not normal. Normal vaginal discharge takes place before and after menstruation, can be thin or thick, vaginal discharge or more yellowish, and is not accompanied by other complaints such as smelling, many in number, lumpy, accompanied by itching.
While abnormal vaginal discharge can be seen based on the amount that is quite a lot accompanied by an unpleasant odor, itching in the vagina, pain in the vagina, and change its color to yellow / brownish, green or red which indicates bleeding. Therefore, recognize the vaginal discharge that you experience. Normal vaginal discharge does not require any treatment other than maintaining the cleanliness of the vaginal area. However, if the complaint leads to an abnormal cause then certain examinations and treatments are needed to help eliminate the cause of vaginal discharge.
Risk factors such as poor hygiene, too often using underwear that is too tight, often using vaginal cleansing soap, the use of drugs, especially antibiotics that are irrational can trigger vaginal discharge.
Associated with blood spots, whether blood spots bright red or brownish like spots?
Spots of blood can occur due to menstrual conditions, infections in the area of ​​the vaginal opening, the cervix to the uterus, trauma to the vaginal wall, cervical cancer, or other conditions such as pregnancy.
Bleeding during menstruation will generally begin with spots / spots, blood volume will increase gradually then decrease until it stops on days 5 to 7. But some are experiencing menstruation in the form of brownish spots from the beginning to the end of the menstrual period and this tends to normal due to hormonal factors.
Harmful or not blood spots depending on the cause. So it is necessary to examine and evaluate directly to determine the exact cause. Examination with a vaginal swab, which is taking some of the secretion / vaginal discharge to be examined in the laboratory. In addition, IVA examination also helps assess the condition of the cervix and surrounding areas.
Drugs that are inserted into the vagina are allowed to be used during menstruation. Noteworthy is cleaning the vaginal area before entering the drug.
Thus the information that I can convey, hopefully helps

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