Leucorrhoea That Does Not Heal And Vomiting And Diarrhea?

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Illustration: Leucorrhoea That Does Not Heal And Vomiting And Diarrhea? drbatras.com

Hello … r nI am Rina r nI am 31 years old and have been married 2 months. And want to get pregnant quickly. But before I got married 6 months ago, in January to be precise, I was sick with Munmen 5 minutes 1 to the bathroom with my stomach. 3 days later it came out like flour … and apparently it was whitish. So, my question is what is it because Munmen can become vaginal discharge? And I have had 2x treatment to a gynecologist and dr. Doing scraping / cleaning the powder from the area in my vagina. The first medicine that the doctor gave cefila 200 mg … and for the second week I was with the doctor but did a correction / cleaning from the inside and replaced the 500 mg cravox brand drug. r nAnd the doctor made sure he was cured after finishing taking the drug. And in fact, just after taking the medicine it won’t heal. What disease am I suffering from? R nI have also used traditional medicine … r nAnd during vaginal discharge. Could it be pregnancy? R nPlease help. Thank you

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Hello Rina

Basically, the appearance of vaginal discharge is an attempt by the woman's body to protect and clean the vagina from infection and inflammation. Leucorrhoea that is classified as healthy is usually clear to slightly whitish without any pain, itching, heat, or foul odor.

Leucorrhoea can be triggered by various causes, such as fungi, bacteria, and parasites. With proper treatment, usually vaginal discharge will disappear. However, there are conditions even though the treatment is right, the vaginal discharge does not go away, this usually occurs due to not maintaining proper hygiene, especially the genitals or continuing to be exposed to the trigger factors (a source of fungi, viruses, bacteria).

Diseases of vomiting and diarrhea do not directly trigger a woman to become vaginal discharge, but the habit of washing the bowels in a back-to-front direction will have the potential to cause germs from the rectum and feces to move to the genital tract, causing vaginal discharge.

So it could be that the discharge keeps coming back due to inappropriate washing techniques, besides that the habit of rarely showering or rarely changing underwear can also cause this. In addition, the habit of using damp underwear, often wearing tight pants and sweating frequently will make the condition of the groin and vaginal area a medium for fungi, bacteria, and viruses to develop.

The habit of cleaning the vagina with soap too often and excessively can actually increase the risk of vaginal discharge, this is because in the vaginal area there is actually natural flora (germs that are not disease-causing) but if too often cleaned with soap then the natural flora will end up. die too. As a result, when the bad germs arrive, they will develop faster than when normal flora was still present.

In general, vaginal discharge will not interfere with fertility (the occurrence of pregnancy), however, vaginal discharge can affect the health of the fetus if pregnancy has occurred, such as vaginal discharge caused by trichomoniasis and gonorrhea. So go back to your obstetrician so you can re-evaluate your health to determine the treatment plan or medical procedure that is most right for you.

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