Leucorrhoea That Does Not Improve After Treatment?

Illustration of Leucorrhoea That Does Not Improve After Treatment?
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Morning, I want to ask. It has been 5 months since I experienced vaginal discharge and 4 months ago I went to the doctor and was given 5 capsules of trogystatin metronidazole. Then during the usage, there are slight changes, such as loss of itching, yellow color and lumps. Then after my period, the symptoms before came back again. And I went to the doctor again to be examined, and I was recommended for a pap smear, while waiting for the results I was given the drug Govazol fluconazole 1 capsule. There is a slight sense of change, such as reduced discharge and itching. But after menstruation again the symptoms recur again. After the pap smear results came out, my vaginal discharge was due (bacterial vaginosis). With the statement: superficial squamous epithelial cells, many intermediate cells, moderate endocervical cells, many clue cells, background containing many neutrophils PMN and moderate eucinophils, no atypical or malignant cells appear. Diagnosis: Satisfactory for evaluation, transformation zone component component present Negative for intraepithelial lesion or Malignancy (NILM) Shift in flora suggestive of bacterial vaginosis.From these results I was given the last drug that is Floragyn 15 capsules.But after using the drug there has only been a slight change, but until now my vaginal discharge is still continues with the current situation is still out but still a little yellowish, and itchy in the area miss v. Please give me advice and explanation, thanks

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Hello Patchouli,

Thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Leucorrhoea can be caused by various possibilities including bacterial infection (bacterial vaginosis) or parasites (trichomoniasis), hormonal effects due to the consumption of birth control pills, steroid consumption, urinary tract infections, vaginal irritation, and so on.

Bacterial vaginosis is an infection caused by the bacterium G. vaginalis which causes symptoms in the form of discharge from white to grayish-smelling odor and itching and redness in the genitals. On physical examination found grayish-colored vaginal discharge and smells fishy, ​​then on examination found a picture of clue cells that are typical for bacterial vaginosis. Gram examination will also confirm the diagnosis.

Regarding your question, it is better for you to consult your recurrent complaints with your doctor. Apart from that you can also do a few things at home:

 Maintain the cleanliness of your personal organs Avoid excessive use of vaginal cleaning fluids Don't scratch if itching Use dry, not too tight underwear Avoid using pads for too long Avoid sexual activity changing partners If you use certain contraceptives also consult with your doctor tone related to your repeated complaints Consumption healthy and nutritious food Enough drinking and resting Given the spread of the Corona virus infection at this time, if there is no emergency condition and you can deal with your complaints at home, of course it is better for you to postpone consulting with your doctor and stay at home. Do social distancing and avoid going out of the house and gathering in a crowded place. Stay healthy with a clean and healthy lifestyle

So, I hope to answer you.

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