Illustration of Leucorrhoea
Illustration: Leucorrhoea

Asallamualaikum, excuse me doc I want to ask. For the past 1 month, I have experienced excessive vaginal discharge every day, it is sometimes excessive to wet my pants, it is yellow like snot or phlegm but the texture is liquid (not too) smelling like the smell of eggs, but not itchy. Accompanied by abdominal cramps as if going to menses but not painful when you want menses. That’s why ya doc, please answer yaa doc. Thank you

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Hi Novi,

Thank you for the question.

Excessive vaginal discharge, yellowish, smelly, accompanied by mild stomach cramps may indicate that you have an infection in your reproductive organs, for example due to fungi, parasites, bacteria, or viruses. This infection often occurs due to poor hygiene of intimate organs. It can also be transmitted through sexual activity from your partner.

In addition to infections, vaginal discharge and abdominal cramps as you experience may also be affected by hormonal fluctuations, allergies or irritations to substances that come in contact with sex organs, side effects of drugs, stress, foreign body intrusion, even malignancy around the reproductive organs.

If you feel you have never had sexual relations with a partner whose sexual history is not clear, your vaginal discharge can be treated first with the following steps:

Clean the intimate organs using running water, without the need to add soap, fragrance, or other chemicals. Rinse from front to back.
Do not carelessly use pantyliners, sexual lubricants, and other objects around the genitals
Change your underwear often
Drink more water
Don't like to hold back urination
Do not hold intimate organs, except with clean hands
Warm compresses to cramp your stomach
Don't stress or get too tired of your activities
Avoid free sex

The rest, if until a long time your complaint does not also improve, or if you feel you have had risky sex, you should immediately consult a doctor or dermatologist so that it is handled properly according to the cause.

I hope this helps.

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