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doc I want to ask, how many stages does leukemia have? and how severe is the end-stage leukemia?

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Leukemia is a medical term for blood cancer, mainly white blood cells. This condition occurs because of DNA mutations that make blood-forming cells in the spinal cord grow abnormally, quickly, excessively, and out of control.

The classification of leukemia is mainly done by taking into account the type of cell involved (myelocytic or lymphocytic) and the course of the disease (acute or chronic). These types of leukemia can indirectly illustrate the potential danger of the disease. In general, type ALL leukemia (acute lymphocytic leukemia) has the best prognosis (the patient's potential for survival after being diagnosed) than other types of leukemia. Whereas the worst type of leukemia prognosis is AML (acute lymphocytoc leukemia).

In addition, the severity of some types of leukemia is also determined based on the stage. Determination of the stage of leukemia can also differ depending on the type of leukemia. For example ALL B cell types are classified as early pre B ALL, common ALL, pre B ALL, and mature B-cell ALL. Whereas ALL T cell types are classified as pre T ALL and mature T cell ALL. Another example is CLL type leukemia which is classified into 5 stages (stages 0, I, II, III, to IV) by Rai and becomes 3 stages (stages A, B, and C) by Binet. The higher the stage of leukemia, generally the potential for recovery will be even smaller. But back again, this also depends on the type of leukemia.

Therefore, the most appropriate answer to your question would be a doctor or a doctor of internal medicine who treats patients .. Consult directly with him.

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