Leukocyte +1?

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Ass wr wb nDok what is the meaning of one positive leukocyte nThank you

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Leukocytes are another name for white blood cells, which are parts of blood cells that play an important role in mediating the immune response. White blood cells are useful in warding off infection-causing microorganisms that enter the body. In addition, white blood cells also play a role in modulating allergic reactions and minimizing the growth of cancer cells. A healthy adult can have white blood cells of about 4000 to 10,000 cells / cubic mm of blood.

It needs to be clarified, from what specimens were the results of the leukocyte examination obtained? Is it urine? Ejaculation fluid? Or what? So, are there any specific complaints experienced by the patient that the doctor recommends examining the leukocytes?

The results of the tests you mentioned show that there are white blood cells in the specimen used. Any presence of this may indicate a bacterial infection. However, in order to determine the type of microorganism causing the infection, how severe the infection is, and also the patient's general health condition, this needs to be confirmed again with the results of interviews, physical examinations, and other supporting examinations.

Due to the very limited information you provide, it is not appropriate for us to explain the results of the examination in detail. We recommend that you consult the results of the examination directly with the doctor who conducted the examination.

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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