Leukocyte Infection?

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Assalaamualaikuum, my doctor wants to ask, yesterday I was sentenced by a doctor for leukocyte infection what is leukocytes

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Leukocytes themselves are white blood cells that are produced by bone marrow, the role of leukocytes is for the body's immunity from a disease mainly caused by infections caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites. Besides leukocytes also have a role in responding to allergies.

The state of the infection will trigger the body to produce more leukocytes, so the number of leukocytes in the body increases, which is why in general an increase in the number of leukocytes is often associated with an infection.

Then when the number of leukocytes is more than usual it is expected to be able to fight infections that have already occurred, but there are times where the body is still unable to cope with the infection so that eventually the body loses its ability to produce leukocyte cells properly, which ultimately makes the value of leukocytes in the blood when examined instead decreased / lower than normal values.

That is why the results of investigations such as examination of white blood cells / leukocytes must also be compared with physical examination, clinical symptoms, and if necessary other investigations (for example the values ​​of other blood labs). To be able to ascertain what conditions are actually being experienced by patients.

As for what can be concluded is, the doctor who has examined you get that you are currently experiencing an infection, which is obtained from the results of a health examination including blood tests.

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