Leukocytes Are High In Lab Results.?

Illustration of Leukocytes Are High In Lab Results.?
Illustration: Leukocytes Are High In Lab Results.? medlineplus.gov

Good night .. I want to ask .. I am a woman aged 28 years. Then I checked the lap turns out my leukocytes 30-40 due to urinary tract infections. And given antibiotics … Is that dangerous ?? Even what can reduce my leukocytes ?? Thank you

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Hello, Ms. Aini, thank you for consulting us on HealthReplies.com.

In normal conditions leukocytes or white blood cells in healthy people is located at a value of 4000 to 10,000 cells per microliter of blood, but the range of values ​​will vary between one laboratory to another due to differences in the tools and chemical reagents used. But the difference is not much different. If your condition is an increase in leukocyte cells (leukocytosis) this indicates several conditions, including:

due to drug reactions that serve to increase the production of white blood cells due to an incoming infection so the body's defense system instructs parts of the body to produce white blood cells in high numbers of immune system abnormalities that increase the production of leukocytes / white blood cells due to disruption of the bone marrow which becomes white blood cell production site For infections, the cause of any infection can cause an increase in white blood cells, such as viral infections, or bacterial infections that can occur in several diseases such as upper respiratory tract infections (ARI), urinary tract infections (UTI), infections in skin, tuberculosis and other infections. Because your doctor has confirmed that the increase in white blood cells is due to a bacterial infection that causes urinary tract infections, giving antibiotics is the right thing for you. You only need to continue the treatment given to you according to the advice given by your doctor. Antibiotics will be given for some time to come, until the infection has decreased and the number of leukocytes has tended to be normal.

The situation of high leukocytes is indeed dangerous, one of which is blood poisoning, but when properly treated, these complications can be avoided, so you don't need to worry. Unfortunately, because leukocytosis is caused by a bacterial infection, it is not necessary to consume certain foods that can reduce leukocytes / white blood cells. Because basically you only need to eat nutritious foods and get enough rest so that your condition recovers quickly. For further explanation, you better consult further with the doctor who treats you, because he is more understanding of your real condition. Thus we can convey, hopefully our explanation is useful for you. thank you

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