Liberate The Chin Area?

Illustration of Liberate The Chin Area?
Illustration: Liberate The Chin Area?

Assalamulaikum wr, wb. NDok, before I had swollen gums as a result of gouging on the part of the gums where the teeth were not there, then my gums were swollen and caused numbness in my right chin area, after the swelling healed, but the numbness had not yet recovered, what’s the solution?

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Hello Gusti,

Thank you for asking

Numbness or numbness is a type of sensation known as paresthesias. Paresthesia is a disorder of the nerve response in the numb part of the body. The numbness that you are experiencing at this time can come from gum disorders that you are experiencing or it can also come from other parts of your body. Some of the things that can be considered the causes of this complaint are as follows:

There is a disturbance in the nerves of the affected gum

The presence of cysts in the oral cavity

There is a tumor in the oral cavity. But of course, the main symptom that appears is the appearance of a lump in the oral cavity

The presence of nerve disorders in the neck

There is an injury that affects blood flow to the jaw or neck

Severe inflammation that presses the nerves on the gums.

To make sure your condition needs a detailed examination by a doctor. It is recommended that you do not pry or manipulate the area to prevent further interference or secondary infection or other additional infections.

That's all I can say, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Tiwi

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