Lightheadedness, Toothache, Nausea And Flatulence?

Illustration of Lightheadedness, Toothache, Nausea And Flatulence?
Illustration: Lightheadedness, Toothache, Nausea And Flatulence?

Hello, my name is Erik, I am 20 years old. R n r nI have frequent recurrences. At first my eyes were dizzy and I couldn’t see anything at all, sensitive to light. Then after that my head and teeth must have hurt a lot, if it’s like this there is nothing I can do because the pain is sorry. Then after that I felt nauseous and felt my stomach was filled with a lot of gas. R n r nThe following is information to help with diagnosis; r nI am a 20 year old male. I have felt this pain since I was in high school (16 years old), I didn’t like to eat vegetables since I was young and I eat chicken / beef more often. I am a motorbike rider who averages 2-3 hours per day to ride a motorbike, and as far as 20-40km per day. I often catch colds. I rarely exercise and prefer to sleep. My daily life cannot be separated from gadgets, be it cellphones, laptops or computers. There are indications that I have high blood pressure / cholesterol (even though it hasn’t been checked, but my back neck often feels gripped after eating seafood / goat). My hair doesn’t fall out excessively. R n r nMy questions: r n1. What could I possibly be sick of? If it can’t be confirmed yet, what are the recommendations for medical tests that I need to undergo so that I know / confirm what kind of illness I am? R n2. Is there a possibility of cancer / tumor / other serious disease that caused death / requires prompt diagnosis?

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From the information you have conveyed, what you need to know is that the diagnosis is enforced based on diagnostic steps starting with interviews, direct examinations and diagnosis. Therefore, I cannot make a diagnosis of the complaints that you convey without direct examination.

1. In connection with the complaints you convey, the complaints of visual disturbances and complaints of stomach discomfort and headaches may be caused by sharp vision problems and disorders of your stomach. This condition can cause uncomfortable complaints such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, bloating, full stomach, and loose stools.

Several other conditions can also cause the same complaint, such as:

a.Low blood pressure

b. increased pressure in the eyeball

c. digestive infections

d. metabolic disorders, such as diabetes, or high blood cholesterol

To ensure all these complaints, especially if these complaints recur frequently, you should consult an internal medicine doctor and / or an ophthalmologist. The doctor will carry out an examination related to your clinical condition, so that any necessary investigations can be planned, such as blood tests or ultrasound. or a visual examination. Therefore, you should not do laboratory tests without starting an examination by your doctor.

2. With your young age, the possibility of cancer or serious disease occurring is very small, unless an internal medicine doctor or a related doctor has confirmed the diagnosis. Thus, direct examination to the doctor will be an important step in establishing a diagnosis.

What you can do is change unhealthy habits or lifestyle, so that you can maintain your optimal health condition.

That is the information we can convey, read also gastric disorders and nearsightedness.


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