Like Blood Under The Skin

Illustration of Like Blood Under The Skin
Illustration: Like Blood Under The Skin

hello doc, I want to ask. on the arm of my hand I like that there are tiny dots like ballpoint dots and like blood under the skin. it’s been over a year and there are NO complaints (such as itching / heat). what’s wrong doc? is it dangerous? thank you

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Hello Balqis, thank you for asking at

Complaints about small dots on the skin can occur due to allergies, bleeding, or infection. If it is like a bleeding under the skin it's likely a ptekie. Ptekie itself is shaped as small spots and does not disappear when pressed. Some conditions related to the presence of ptekie are:

Infection, such as dengue fever or dengue hemorrhagic fever

Vasculitis, inflammation of the blood vessels

Thrombocytopenia, is a condition in which the number of platelets or blood platelets decreases

Other medical conditions such as ITP and HSP

Whether it is dangerous or not depends on the cause of the complaint. For that we need to do a direct examination by a doctor to ascertain the cause. The examination includes a complete physical examination as well as additional tests needed such as blood tests.

For now, all you can do is maintain a healthy lifestyle by consuming nutritious food, drinking enough, resting and exercising regularly, avoiding cigarettes and alcohol, and managing stress well.

If symptoms persist or aggravate such as getting wider, bruised, dissertation bleeding gums, hiding, or other places, immediately consult a specialist in internal medicine in order to do further examination and treatment.

That's all, hope it helps.

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