Limp And Crampy Legs?

Illustration of Limp And Crampy Legs?
Illustration: Limp And Crampy Legs?

Excuse me doctor, I want to ask .. n nSo I have a younger sister who is now 16 years old .. nA year ago she had a seizure nWell the initial symptoms before she had a seizure. What he felt was that his right hand and leg were limp. In fact, sometimes the cramps then feel that something is spreading upwards .. If it has spread, she must have had seizures and she said that her body looks like a nipple like a slender n The spasms may last 1 minute nAfter the seizure she feels all the pain in her body. Finally after doing routine medical treatment for 1 year the disease is completely healed even .. n Yesterday he felt his right leg weak again And had a cramp but not seizure n nDo you think the specifics of the disease is that doctor ??? n nPlease explain

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Hello Akhmad, thank you for the question for

Human brain cells can work and be used to think, regulate motion, feel stimuli, etc. because these cells are connected to each other and pass electrical impulses from one cell to another. Seizures can occur due to the appearance of excessive and abnormal electrical impulses in brain cells. Seizures that occur repeatedly are called epilepsy. Epilepsy itself can occur for many reasons, but if it does not happen when you are a child, the possible cause is a history of trauma / head injury, infection of the brain or lining of the brain, brain tumor, or stroke.

Therapy for epilepsy is usually given over a very long period of time, which can last for years. Therapy may be considered if the cause of epilepsy can be found and can be treated (for example, if there is a brain tumor, the tumor has been removed) and if the patient has been seizure-free for 10 years. The administration of these antiepileptic drugs must be carried out under the supervision of a doctor and must not be stopped until the doctor allows it.

If at this time your sister feels the same symptoms as before, then it's a good idea to bring your sister back to a neurologist. The doctor will perform the necessary tests, for example an EEG (electroencephalogram), CT scan or MRI, or examination of brain fluids if necessary.

The therapy given to your younger sibling must be adjusted according to the findings of these examinations. For example, if there is an infection in the brain, drugs can be given to treat the infection, if there is a tumor in the brain, surgery or other therapy for a brain tumor can be recommended, if there is bleeding in the brain that is large enough, evacuation or bleeding can be done. . It is better if the examination is done as soon as possible so that the cause of your sister's symptoms can be found and resolved immediately before further brain damage occurs.

So much information from me, hopefully it will be enough to answer

dr. irna cecilia

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