Limp Body Accompanied By Difficult Bowel Movements, Fever Up And Down And No Appetite?

Illustration of Limp Body Accompanied By Difficult Bowel Movements, Fever Up And Down And No Appetite?
Illustration: Limp Body Accompanied By Difficult Bowel Movements, Fever Up And Down And No Appetite?

At night, I want to ask my husband 4hr is weak and does not want to eat and it is difficult chapter, before he was on Thursday the husband had a high fever 2 hr and already checked for blood, the result was a little typhoid but still symptoms, which I want to ask if my husband brought again to the hospital because he was still weak and had not yet defecated until now. thank you

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Hello Dwi Kartika Putri,

Typhoid fever is a disease that occurs due to bacterial infection Salmonella typhii. Transmission of this disease is through the fecal-oral route, for example consuming food or drinks that are contaminated with feces that contain Salmonella typhii bacteria or not washing your hands before eating.

Symptoms of typhoid fever are as follows:

High fever that rises gradually can reach temperatures> 40.5 degrees Celsius and last for 1-2 weeks
Nausea and vomiting
Pain in the pit of the stomach
Changes in the pattern of bowel movements to diarrhea (diarrhea) or constipation (reduced frequency of bowel movements)
Enlarged liver
Decreased appetite
Rashes on the skin

Severe typhoid fever can be accompanied by decreased awareness and bleeding in the digestive tract. Continuous vomiting, diarrhea, and patients who do not want to drink at all can cause dehydration (the body lacks fluids).

Constipation in typhoid fever patients can arise due to inflammation of the peyer patches (part of the intestine), causing obstruction. If this inflammation has improved, the patient can return to normal bowel movements. However, the condition of constipation in patients needs to be evaluated periodically, if severe abdominal pain arises, the size of the abdomen increases rapidly, the stomach feels tight and very painful when pressed, the patient cannot defecate or even fart at all, the patient vomits with a color of fluid that is not normal like greenish or smelling like feces, you should immediately consult a doctor, because these complaints can arise due to a hole in the digestive tract / bleeding or gastrointestinal obstruction due to other causes.

The diagnosis of typhoid fever is based on clinical symptoms, physical examination is supported by blood tests. Culture examination of body fluid samples (blood, stool, urine) is the gold standard for diagnosing typhoid fever, but it is rarely done because it is not effective and takes a long time until the results come out.

Treatment for typhoid fever is by administering antibiotics for a certain duration, depending on the type of antibiotic used. In addition, patients will be given drugs to relieve the symptoms experienced, such as heat-reducing drugs, medications to reduce nausea and vomiting, ORS for rehydration. Patients are advised to consume adequate amounts of fluids, eat foods that are soft and easily digested, foods with low fiber.

Prevention of typhoid fever can be done by always washing hands before eating, avoiding the consumption of raw foods (raw meat, vegetables, fruit) that are not guaranteed hygienic quality, not drinking carelessly dirty water. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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