Limp Body After An Upset Stomach?

Illustration of Limp Body After An Upset Stomach?
Illustration: Limp Body After An Upset Stomach?

, my father about 20 days ago had a stomachache, 2 days in the hospital and a doctor’s diagnosis of colitis. Until now the condition is still not recovered and fit as before yes … please advise

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Hello Enthis,

Is your father feeling stomach ache or weakness just now? Colitis in general is inflammation of the large intestine. Symptoms of colitis include abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloody bowel movements, and sometimes fever. Colitis can be caused by infection, autoimmune, disruption of blood flow to the large intestine, and also some types of drugs. Examination for colitis is by history, physical examination, and if necessary, blood tests, colonoscopy, and CT scans. Handling will be adjusted to the patient's condition.

Does your father still consume drugs from doctors? What medicines are given? If the medicine has run out but your father still feels uncomfortable in his stomach and his body remains weak, you should control your father's back to the doctor who treated him so that you can evaluate your father's current condition so that your father can be given additional treatment needed.

While waiting for control, Ana's father can do the following tips:

Get enough rest
When possible, try to exercise lightly regularly
Eat healthy and nutritious foods, but avoid stimulating foods such as spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol, and reduce milk and fatty foods.
Avoid smoking
Meet your daily fluid needs

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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