Limp Body Due To Late Eating While Pregnant?

Illustration of Limp Body Due To Late Eating While Pregnant?
Illustration: Limp Body Due To Late Eating While Pregnant?

Good afternoon, at the age of 26, now I am 4 months pregnant, I notice that I am late eating, my body immediately suffocates almost fainting, and can not do anything. besides that i also have a magh pain. I want to ask, why does my body condition drop so fast? is it because you’re pregnant? and does it have an impact on the baby I conceive? u003cbr u003eThank you doctor.

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Hi miss,

Thank you for asking

Women who are pregnant do tend to be more prone to weakness, fatigue, and are constrained in carrying out strenuous activities than women in general. This condition often appears aggravating with increasing gestational age (trimesters 2 or 3). However, there are also women who often feel exhausted throughout their pregnancy. This condition can arise due to a variety of factors:

Hormonal changes; especially the increase in the hormone progesterone which acts to cause drowsiness, lower blood pressure, and also make blood sugar levels decrease.

Excessive nausea and vomiting; occurs due to the influence of pregnancy hormones and stomach pressure by an enlarged fetus, this complaint is usually burdensome in the 1st or 3rd trimester of pregnancy, this condition can also make the mother decrease her appetite, inadequate nutritional intake will make the mother easily weak and difficult to indulge ,

Anemia (low blood hemoglobin); massive increase in blood plasma volume in pregnant women often makes the mother experience physiological anemia, this condition causes the mother to become easily tired, weak, easily drowsy, pale, often dizzy, kliyengan, can even faint.
Psychological pressure; being a mother is not easy, many women who feel anxious, stressed, and even depressed face the fact that soon there will be a new mandate that must be carried out, excessive anxiety about the health condition of the fetus in the womb, worry about the delivery process as what will be lived later, and so on can make this pressure worse.
Physical fatigue; the burden of pregnancy that is getting more and more certainly can make mothers tired, coupled with insomnia that often haunts every night, this condition can make the mother's stamina decreases, and so on

Do you regularly check your pregnancy to a doctor or obstetrician? What do you think about your condition and the fetus in your womb? Is it healthy?

If you routinely check your pregnancy to the doctor and are declared to have no significant abnormalities, then you really don't need to worry. You can do the following tips to reduce your complaints:

Get used to eating regularly, forced even though feels nauseous
Eating small portions to moderate but often (3-5 hours) is much better for you to reduce nausea, while maintaining stamina
Eat with a balanced nutritional content, rich in vitamins and minerals (especially vitamin C)
Drink enough too
If you feel weak, reduce activities that are too heavy first
Try to always sleep regularly, not too late at night, choose the most comfortable sleeping position (left tilt)
Avoid excessive consumption of caffeine (a maximum of 1 cup per day, or less)
Do not also smoke let alone consume drugs or alcohol
Do activities that make you happy, including interacting a lot with other people, reading a lot about preparing to be a good parent, recreation, doing hobbies, doing pregnancy exercises, and so on
Don't stress excessively, calm your mind and heart

If you have taken the above steps to the maximum, but there has not been any significant improvement in your complaint, you can see yourself directly to the doctor or obstetrician. It is feared, your complaint arises because of an illness, for example pathological anemia, hypoglycemia, heart problems, metabolic disorders, mental disorders, and so on. Further examination, including by USG or other supporting tests will also be done by doctors to detect the best treatment as well as the potential danger to the fetus in your womb.

Hope this helps ...

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