Limp, Fever, Muscle Aches And Diarrhea Are Corona Symptoms?

Illustration of Limp, Fever, Muscle Aches And Diarrhea Are Corona Symptoms?
Illustration: Limp, Fever, Muscle Aches And Diarrhea Are Corona Symptoms?

Hello doc, lately I feel my body is weak, hot, muscle aches and diarrhea and also had a slight sore throat. I am worried about being exposed to the corona virus because my boarding house is not far from the covid patient’s house. I am afraid of being exposed to the virus. covid symptoms?

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Hello Supiati,

Thank you for the question.

Provided that you follow the government's advice to remain silent at home, improve personal hygiene, and keep a distance from others, even if you live close to people with COVID-19, your risk of contracting COVID-19 can be minimized. But on the contrary, if you do not comply with this recommendation, or if you have a history of close interactions with sufferers, it seems that your risk for contracting this disease cannot be ruled out.

Your condition with weakness, fever, muscle aches, diarrhea and sore throat can indeed be part of the symptoms of COVID-19. But in addition, your complaints can also arise due to other causes, such as viral or other bacterial infections, fibromyalgia, food allergies, stomach acid reflux, intestinal inflammation, immune disorders, metabolic disorders, hormonal disorders, stress, and so on.

It's best not to panic. Your complaints can be relieved first by increasing your rest, taking paracetamol so that the fever and pain subside, drinking more, eating regularly, exercising diligently, not stressing, and not leaving the house except in an emergency. If within 3 days your complaint does not improve, or if you have a risk of contracting COVID-19 as we have mentioned above, consult your doctor immediately so that the best treatment is directed towards you. If necessary, the doctor will recommend that you undergo a test blood, x-rays, sputum tests, throat swabs, or also refer you to a specialist in internal medicine.

Hope this helps ...

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