Limp In Children Who Are Undergoing Radiation Therapy For Cancer

Illustration of Limp In Children Who Are Undergoing Radiation Therapy For Cancer
Illustration: Limp In Children Who Are Undergoing Radiation Therapy For Cancer

A mother brings her son, 9 years old, to a doctor. Already 1 month ago, his face was pale, weak, and not eager to do something. The patient is currently undergoing radiation therapy for the treatment of cancer. Please discuss what happened with the pediatric patient.

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Hello Farah

First, you have to explain first, is the sentence you write is your kuliag's job? If yes, then the task is intended to practice your thought process. The process of analysis, the ability of logic and deduction, you must develop yourself so that you can become a professional medical officer. As you should already know, radiotherapy for cancer patients certainly has many side effects. Radiotherapy or chemotherapy is intended to eradicate cancer cells, but even healthy cells can be affected by the therapy. That is what causes many side effects of cancer therapy.

You must describe the history of what you have to do, the possibility of what will be found in the history. The patient's current condition is certainly greatly influenced by a history of current illness, history of past illness, history of growth and development, and so on.

You also have to make whatever possibilities will be obtained on a physical examination. The task is intended so that you can arrange a hypothesis and determine the steps to prove your hypothesis. The patient's complaint may or may not be related to radiotherapy. Please refer to related medical books and journals. Determine several possible diagnoses, and after that determine a good diagnosis.

Have a great time doing it. Regards.

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