Limp Wrists When Riding A Motorcycle?

Illustration of Limp Wrists When Riding A Motorcycle?
Illustration: Limp Wrists When Riding A Motorcycle?

Morning, want to ask. I am a motorcyclist who drives at least 50km / dayWhen riding, my wrists often relax in the middle of the road. So often afterwards to lift the dipper just hurt. And every time my hands are weak, it needs to be sounded ‘clove’ in his fingers so that there is energy back to be used. At night and wake up often tingling and pain. What is the doctor’s advice? Thank you

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Hello Aslemil, thank you for asking

The symptoms that you feel do lead to CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) or carpal tunnel syndrome. In this CTS, the condition that is felt is the hands feel pins and needles, numbness, pain and weakness. These symptoms occur when the median nerve, the nerve that passes through the wrist, is compressed or squeezed because the surrounding tissue is swollen.

CTS is caused due to pressure on the median nerve. Pressure on this nerve can be caused by various things, namely:

Cracked wrist bones;
The tissue around the wrist swells due to inflammation or fluid buildup.

Bone fractures most often occur due to trauma or a history of trauma in the past. Swelling due to inflammation most often occurs due to frequent and repetitive movements. In your case, the most risky cause of swelling is driving a motorcycle for long distances and a long time. Swelling due to fluid buildup generally occurs in pregnant women. If before pregnancy the mother has experienced CTS, then during pregnancy there is a risk of having CTS as well.

To confirm the diagnosis of CTS, there are a number of simple tests performed by a neurologist. In order to reduce the symptoms of CTS, you need to rest and reduce strenuous activities using your hands. Use a support on your wrist by using a wrist band to reduce movement so that it can reduce pain too. Stretch periodically by bending and rotating the wrist and flexing the fingers. If the pain hasn't subsided, you can take over-the-counter pain relievers at the pharmacy. Regarding the corona virus pandemic, postpone the examination to a neurologist if the pain has subsided until the government has declared a safe condition. If the pain continues and is unbearable, then you can go to a neurologist.

I hope this helps


dr. Sussy

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