Illustration of Limp?
Illustration: Limp?

Hello, my father’s legs often go limp just a bit difficult, what do you think it hurts? And what is the solution?

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Feet suddenly weak and weak when used when walking does not just happen. If you have just done leg exercises at the gym it might be normal. However, if you don't do anything suddenly it hurts, this condition should be suspected. Limp foot problems can be experienced by anyone regardless of how often and how hard a person uses his feet in daily activities. There are several causes of weakness in the legs:

stroke symptoms: Weakness in the legs due to stroke symptoms occurs when a stroke causes damage in the brain, especially in areas that control nerve signals sent to the feet.
the nerves in the legs are pinched
Spinal problems: Spinal arthritis, spinal cord injury
cholesterol levels or high uric acid
vitamin B deficiency

so many possible causes of leg weakness and difficulty moving should not be considered trivial if this happens without a cause, if this feels burdensome, immediately do a doctor's examination to find out the possible cause of your father's pain. by doing a physical examination or additional checks such as blood checks, x-rays, CT-scan or MRI depending on the doctor who will check so the doctor will provide the right handlers according to the cause.

There are a few tips you can do at home:

Do exercise regularly, 30 minutes every day.
Increase the intake of vegetables and fruit.
Avoid fatty foods, fried foods.
Sit and sleep in the correct position.
Eat at least 2 liters of water a day
Avoid stress
Bask in the morning for 15 minutes

Thus the info I can give

hopefully can help you

just stay home right now to break the chain of transmission of the corona virus starting from yourself

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