Lines And Dark Spots On The Eyes?

Illustration of Lines And Dark Spots On The Eyes?
Illustration: Lines And Dark Spots On The Eyes?

lately, if I look up at the sky, I see that there are many, then ropes, then like fog, but in the area before my eyes, the fog is there, beside my eyes as usual, I want to see a doctor but my parents are busy, how to make it a temporary and please explain what is wrong with my eyes too?

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Good afternoon, thanks for the question

The symptoms that you are experiencing may be a medical condition called floaters. Floaters have symptoms such as lines or black spots or can also be a transparent color that moves in the field of view. Complaints will be more clearly felt if under the sun.

Floters are caused by the presence of particles or debris in the vitreous body structure that is located behind the lens and is transparent, so the clarity is reduced. This condition should be consulted with an eye specialist for examination. If the complaint is mild and does not cause disruption of daily activities actually only needs to be observed, the patient is asked to adjust to these conditions and is not recommended to do more aggressive therapy given the greater risk.

However, if the symptoms are progressive and interfere with the quality of life of the patient, the doctor may recommend surgery such as vitrectomy or vitreolysis. These actions have their own risks, so you need to do further consultation with an ophthalmologist to confirm the diagnosis and to determine the appropriate therapy.

That's all, hope you can help.

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