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Illustration of Link Hypospadias To Health Tests
Illustration: Link Hypospadias To Health Tests

Hello doc, I want to ask, is hypospadias a disease or an abnormality? Does hypospadias affect the health test on police / police or other services? Please answer doc.

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Hypospadias is an inherited disorder that is obtained from birth. At a routine check-up after the baby's birth, infants with hypospadias can be identified so that they can be informed directly to the family. In addition, this disorder can also be found when parents take care of their babies, both when bathing a baby or when cleaning / changing his diaper. However, sometimes hypospadias can also be known by parents as the child gets older or after the child understands the condition better, where the child may experience comorbid complaints in the hypospadias, such as pain or urine that comes out abnormally. However, the most important thing is how to identify the presence of hypospadiary abnormalities from birth and or the age of the child to get treatment as early as possible, so that the baby or child does not experience health complaints during micturition. However, this case is rarely found in children, which is almost 1 case out of 200 children.

In general, a normal penis is the penis hole at the tip of the head of the penis, but in some infants or children with hypospadias, the penis hole (for urination and sperm ejaculation) is not in the tip of the penis head, so in patients with hypospadias can be found a penis hole or hole urethra is in the lower part of the penis, can be anywhere under the penis and even in the border area with scrotum / testicles bag.

Some of the complications that are often encountered in patients with hypospadias are:

Spread of urine flow and direction of urine that is not reasonable
Abnormal ejaculation
Accompanying negligence in the testes, such as tetsis, does not descend on the sac
Possible presence of other abnormalities such as anal fistula or the appearance of abnormal channels in the anus
Curved penis
Interference during sexual intercourse
Mental health disorders, such as lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem or anxiety if you have an untreated hypospadias disorder
Urinary tract infection

In pediatric patients who are known to have hypospasm, treatment can be performed from the age of the baby, around 3 months-18 months. Thus, knowing whether a newborn's penis is normal or not can help treat it as early as possible in cases of hypospadias detected since the birth of a baby.

Therefore, if you or a patient has a history of hypospadias whether they have been treated or not, in general this does not affect tasks in an area of ​​work, because hypospadias do not affect thinking processes, physical abilities or productivity. However, some patients with hypospadias can be at risk of causing mental complaints either anxiety, lack of confidence or to depression. As long as these complaints can be received and controlled (whether or not they have been dealt with) then this is most likely not a mental problem.

Because this hypospadias does not affect productivity, and does not cause chronic diseases that may arise during work, in general hypospadias do not affect health tests carried out, except in related agencies that require no physical abnormalities when recruiting new employees.

And if indeed you or the patient with hypospadias have not received direct treatment, then you or the patient concerned should immediately consult a urology surgeon to get an examination and treatment accordingly.

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