Link Of Herpes With Lymph Nodes?

Illustration of Link Of Herpes With Lymph Nodes?
Illustration: Link Of Herpes With Lymph Nodes?

Hello. I’m Febby. 17 years old Just this one month I had surgery to remove the gland in the right groin. After checking labor, the doctor is a benign tumor. But two weeks after the operation, I had itching on my neck and there was a gland growing in my right ear. Long before I had surgery I had Herpes Zoster. But my herpes is gone. All that’s left is the trace. Does my herpes have anything to do with the glands that grow on my body?

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Lymph nodes (lymph nodes) are spread almost throughout the body, including the groin and behind the ears. These lymph nodes are part of the immune system, where many white blood cells drop in and proliferate to ward off infections and other diseases. Lumps in the skin due to swollen lymph nodes, if they are benign, will be marked by lumps that are moon shaped, smooth surface, easy to move, springy, and rarely enlarged. If the cause of this swelling is an infection or inflammation, the lump can be painful, especially when pressed. Patients can also experience other complaints, such as fever, excessive sweating, weight loss, weakness, fatigue, and so on.

If it is true that the lump behind your ear is a swollen lymph node (lymphadenopathy), then this condition can be caused by many factors, namely:

Infection of the lymph nodes themselves, for example due to tuberculosis, cytomegalovirus, syphilis, HIV --- Herpes zoster rarely causes the lymph nodes to swell, although it is also not impossible, especially if it occurs around the head. Infection in areas of the body where lymphatic drainage leads to lymph nodes behind the ear, for example otitis media, mastoiditis, other infections of the head, neck, oral cavity, or surrounding tumors, for example lymphoma, leukemia Immune disorders Drug side effects, etc. These lymphadenopathy may be related to lymphadenopathy of the groin You experienced it before, but you may not. In addition, it can also be a lump behind your ear due to causes other than lymphadenopathy, such as skin infections (such as boils, pimples, or warts), skin tumors (such as lipomas, cysts, fibromas), keloids, and so on.

Therefore, before drawing conclusions too early, you should consult yourself directly to a doctor, a surgeon, a specialist in internal medicine, yes. Some examinations, such as x-rays, laboratories, biopsies, etc. may be recommended by your doctor before determining the best treatment .

At this time, you should not press, squeeze, or give careless handling to the lump behind your ear. Always keep your body clean, especially the area around your ears. If the lump feels painful, you can use warm water compresses first. Do not forget, increase your endurance with adequate rest, lots of exercise, eat nutritious foods, and always live a healthy lifestyle.

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