Lipoma Treatment?

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si, before.rnsy gendis ..3 years ago I had a medical procedure.rit was surgery to remove a lipoma on the back of the groin.rnnah 3 years later.. tryta have a little lump under the stitches surgery..rnI want to know whether lipomo can grow in other parts, after surgery.????rn It’s been 3 years..rnThank you, in advance,..

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Lipoma is a type of benign tumor that is formed due to excess growth of fatty tissue in the fat layer of the skin. This condition will cause a soft lump that feels bumpy and painless (unless it is large and compresses the tissue near the nerve).

Although not dangerous, this tumor should be removed using the surgical method.

These benign tumors can grow back in other places.

To determine whether the lump you are complaining about is a lipoma, you need to see a doctor. The doctor will perform physical tests and medical tests. Sometimes confirmation of the type of lump can only be done by removing the lump first and having it checked in a laboratory.

Therefore, immediately consult your complaint to the doctor.

I hope this helps.

dr. Yusi

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