Lips Feel Thinner, Bleed Easily And Appear Suppurating At The Tip Of The Dry Lips?

Hello, I want to ask. Why lately the layers of my lips are getting thinner, even though I’m okay, suddenly my lips are bleeding. There is already pus that has dried on the tip of the lips. Do you think it’s dangerous or not ?? I’m afraid of that. Do I have to check with the clinic for further treatment? Or is there another way? Thanks

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Hello Olivia, Thank you for the question.

Do your lips also become dry? Bleeding lips are generally caused by dry lips or lip injuries. Dry lips can be caused by cold weather, dry air, frequent exposure to sunlight, habit of licking lips, dehydration, and lack of nutrition. In addition to these things, inflammation of the lips (cheilitis) also causes the lips to become dry, cracked, even bleeding. This condition also causes chapping or sores on the corners of the lips, redness, swelling, blisters, and pain. The causes of cheilitis are fungal infections, bacterial infections, vitamin B deficiency and iron. Not infrequently the cause of cheilitis is not known with certainty. Most cases of cheilitis do not require special treatment. But if your complaint is very disturbing, please see your doctor for further examination. Treatment will be given by a doctor according to your condition.

You can follow the following suggestions:

use lip balm
consume lots of water
avoid the habit of licking your lips
do not pull the chapped lip skin
Hopefully this information is useful.

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